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Hey guys!

Covid-19 is causing worldwide havoc and many of us are in social-distancing mode at the moment. We are living in very uncertain times, and music producers, who are already in an unpredictable industry are now concerned about their projects and their income. Maybe you want to cut back costs or maybe you need something to boost your mood. So here is a carefully curated list of free resources for music producers. If you download all the free resources from this list, you would have a half decent studio set-up to keep you busy. So have fun checking out some of these brilliant free resources.

Be safe. But still be creative.

Aubrey Whitfield


Loopmasters – sign up and get 1gb of free samples from Loopmasters which is worth £50. Also check out the 136 free downloads they have on offer.

Prime Loops – sign up and get 500mb if free loops and samples. from one of the industry’s leading loop sites: 


Native Instruments Komplete Start this is a free production suite featuring over 2000 free sounds including synths, samples instruments and effects.

Native Instruments Analog Dreams – this has recently become free following Covid-19. A free softsynth that will take you back in time to the 80s. Lush pads and synths with a modern twist. Link:

Native Instruments Kontakt Kontakt is a sampler that hosts hundreds of Native Instruments VSTs but also tonnes of third party VSTs, including Output and Spitfire. When you download the free version of Kontakt you automatically download its factory content for free which includes 6gb content with 2000 sounds.

Slate SSD5 drums FREE: Want real sounding drums? Then grab the Slate SSD5 which features a deluxe acoustic drum kit with full functionality.  Simply amazing sounding acoustic drum kits!

Tunefish Synth: This is a free versatile synth which includes everything you’d expect from synth leads, pads, basses. Well worth a try!

Model E by Steinberg: This is an analog synth which is great for bass sounds, featuring 2 oscillators, 64 polyphonic voices, stereo spread and pan controls. It also has a low CPU load – bonus!

Chamber Orchestra 2 by Versilian Studios (community edition): This is an incredible free chamber orchestra with 19 unique instruments, 1952 samples, 3gb content and basic articulations. 

Dexed: Dexed is an accurate emulation of one of the most famous hardware FM keyboards ever, the classic Yamaha DX7. Well worth a download!

The Grand by DSK: A Grand Piano VST which includes 4-6 samples per note and 4 velocity layers. it also includes a rather lovely reverb and ADSR envelope control. 

Synth1 by Ichiro Toda: A soft synth modelled on the infamous Clavia Nord Lead 2. It includes 128 presets, 2 oscillators, FM modulation, 2 LFOs, and an arpeggiator. The website is in Japanese so you may need a translator handy! But at least the download button is in English. 


Valhalla Freq Echo: A free analog echo from the brilliant Valhalla.  So much fun and great sounding. 

Izotope Vocal Doubler: A free vocal doubler that will add natural width and depth to your vocals. One of the best free plugins out there. 

W1 Limiter by George Yohng: This is a clone of the amazing Waves L1 Limiter, identical to the original. 

Protoverb by U-he: This is a natural sounding room simulator reverb with interesting characteristics. It’s an experimental reverb that offers a unique and innovative reverb sound:


Point Blank: check out Point Blank’s YouTube channel for hours and hours of music production tutorials from one of the best music production schools in the world.

Equipboard – here you can see what studio gear and plugins your favourite producers use. Do some research and learn about the plugins used by some of biggest producers in the game. 

Soundgym: Soundgym is an online audio ear-training resource. Improve your core listening skills, including detecting frequency ranges and compression settings. This is a great resource that give your ears a healthy workout!


Aubrey Whitfield’s EQ Cheat sheet: in 2019 I devised a printable desktop guide for all your EQing needs. It features guide EQs for clarity and punch on vocals, how to clear mud in the bass, how to get guitars and synths piercing through the mix. Link: 


Sonarworks True-fi: This app from Sonarworks calibrates your headphones so that you can experience what it would sound like in a professionally soundproofed studio. Put in your headphone make/model and the app does all the work for you. Link: Download from the app store


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